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Sending Your Wedding Flowers

Place your bouquet into a jug of water as soon as possible after the wedding and preferably store them in a cool, dark place. It's a good idea to re-cut the stem ends before placing in water or later before sending the off to me.

When to post your wedding flowers

Please post within a few days of your wedding, e.g. for a Friday or Saturday wedding, please post on Monday. Please do not post on a Saturday or your flowers will be out of water for 2 days over the weekend before delivery on Monday.

Packing your wedding flowers


A large box, tissue paper or kitchen roll, foil or sandwich bag, rubber band or string, parcel tape or strong tape.


Line the base of your box with dry, scrunched packing material - tissue paper or kitchen roll work well. Please do not use bubble wrap or plastic as this can cause your flowers to sweat.

Keep your bouquet whole if possible. If you haven’t already, please cut a small amount off the bottom of the stems. Place damp (not soaking wet) kitchen roll at the base of the stems to keep them moist during transit and then place inside the sandwich bag or kitchen foil to ensure the water does not leak out. Secure with string or a rubber band if necessary.

Carefully place your flowers on top of the dry packing material and angle the bouquet in the box so that the bottom of the stems lie below the flowers (i.e. try to keep the bouquet more upright rather than lying flat).

Continue to carefully fill the box and cover the flowers with more dry, scrunched packing material, taking care not to squash the flowers – ensure the box is big enough from top to bottom.

Please write your details on a piece of paper and place it on top of the newspaper before you close and seal the lid. Include your name, email address, mobile phone number (required for tracked delivery return of your picture) and your postal address.

Using parcel tape, please seal your box, mark it as ‘Fragile’ and ‘This Way Up’ and then address it to:
WallFlower Art. 24 Pople Street, Wymondham. Norfolk. NR18 0PS.

(E:, T: 07979808078) - you may need these details if you purchase your postage online).

Posting your wedding flowers

Take your parcel along to your local post office before 3 pm and ask for Next Day Delivery. If you purchase your postage online via the Royal Mail Click and Drop serviceor Parcelforce online for larger parcels,  you can arrange for collection from your house, although you will need to place your oder at least the day before you wish the bouquet to be picked up.

If you prefer, or in case of Royal Mail strike action, you can use a courier service offering next day delivery.